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CASA workshop in PE


Free workshop for all Composers, Musicians

 and music industry people:

Earning income from composing music


You are invited to the 2nd CASA (Composers Association of SA) national workshop, to be held in Port Elizabeth at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitain University (NMMU) South Campus Auditorium on Thursday 10th April 2014, from 11:00 to 14:00.

Our aim is to first present CASA (the Composers Association of South Africa) and what we do.  We will introduce our keynote speaker, Mr NICK MATZUKIS, a musician and advocate specialising in music industry and copyright law.

Nick will give a presentation that has been recognised as being focused and informative in terms of equipping the modern South African Composer in the tricky fields of UNDERSTANDING & NEGOTIATING PUBLISHING DEALS, UNDERSTANDING & MANAGING A COMPOSER’S VARIOUS RIGHTS (Performance Rights/Mechanical Rights, etc), through to NEGOTIATING CONTRACTS WITH POTENTIAL CLIENTS. This is valuable information for one wanting to pursue a career as a professional Composer. The presentations will be followed by a question & answer session, an essential part of CASA workshops. 

Light refreshments will be served.
PLEASE let us know if you will attend (for catering and seating purposes)

RSVP with name and surname to:

sms: 076 026 4379

Or via our website comments form:

Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University
University Way, Port Elizabeth 6031,Eastern Cape
NMMU South Campus Auditorium.

10 April 2014
11:00 to 14:00

Map here: