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This is to inform you that CASA (the Composers Association of South Africa) will be closing down.

CASA has held an important position in our music industry for many years, representing the interests of music composers and providing information and assistance since 2004.

The CASA Executive Committee were composers who gave their time voluntarily. Being working musicians, it has always been difficult to keep CASA going but the energy and dedication prevailed for almost 14 years. Sadly, this effort could not be sustained and CASA will now be shut down.

Efforts have been made in the past to recruit new Executive Committee members by asking for nominations from the broader CASA Membership and also by recruiting individuals who could serve on the CASA Executive Committee. Unfortunately those efforts did not yield any results that could take CASA forward. 

Unfortunate as the closing down of CASA might be, we do feel that CASA has helped many Composers by contributing significantly towards empowering Music Creators with knowledge. We therefore make this decision believing that CASA's chapter has reached the end and CASA will be remembered for having made a positive contribution to the Creative sector. 

We thank all of those who have served on the Executive Committee over the years. You have provided a unique service to professionals as well as aspiring composers. We also thank all of our members who have supported our efforts and hope that you have gained some value over the years.

This website will remain active for a short time, for information purposes and as a resource. Membership applications have been discontinued.

The CASA Exco