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All composers are urged to download and read the following documents:

The CASA Concept Document explains more about the formation and background of CASA.
We have provided a few different file formats. Firstly: the pdf format.

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The CASA Concept Document as a PDF - Download

The CASA Concept Document as a Powerpoint document - Download

This document explains more about the formation and background of CASA


The CASA Constitution (Word format) - Download

The Constitution is also available online on its own page HERE


To join CASA, you can simply fill in the online membership form HERE


If you prefer, you can download a membership form HERE and fax it to us.

Needletime Information

The following documents were provided by SAMRO as a service to composers.


Needletime is a royalty for artists, not composers. However, as many composers are also performing artists, CASA provides this info to inform our members.


Presentation on Needletime (July 2008) as a Powerpoint document - Download

This document provides an overview of Needletime and who may benefit


SAMRO Needletime Notification form (PDF) - Download
Composers who are also artists or performers should use this form to notify SAMRO / POSA


SAMRO Needletime Deed of Assignment (PDF) - Download
Use this Deed to assign your Needletime rights to SAMRO / POSA for administration

Update Dec 2014
POSA and SAMPRA have reached an agreement and will administer Needletime together.

Read more:


If you have any questions, please post on our forums (see link at top of page) or send us an email by clicking on the envelope icon at the bottom of this page.



The following may be helpful when quoting for creation of music for advertising. 

The Commercial Composers Association (CCA) was formed in order to set and regulate licence fees for music compositions used in advertising for TV, Radio and Cinema, as well as audiovisual productions. The CCA sets a recommended minimum annual licence fee for music usage for 1 year. Thereafter, a renewal may be obtained for further years upon payment of the relevent fees. 

These renewals were originally administered via SARRAL. In recent years however, the CCA has become independent of SARRAL and recommends that composers maintain these renewals themselves.
(Update: SARRAL was closed at the end of October 2010, so this is now irrelevant.)

The following documents were supplied by the CCA:

The CCA licence rates for 2014 (valid until end Feb 2015) -  Download (Word doc)
This document also specifies choir fees and musicians' rates

The voice-over rates for 2014 (valid until end Feb 2015) - Download (PDF)
The voice-over rates may be useful when quoting on TV ads etc. These rates usually also apply to lead singers' fees.

The CCA Addendum - contains further info - Download (Word doc)

Invoice Licence Terms - should be included in the invoice - Download (Word doc)


Note: The rates linked to above are minimum rates for Licence Fees only and exclude production fees, studio costs, session musicians etc etc.

For further information, contact Candy Rall or Rob Schroder: 
Tel: 011 463 3680 
E-mail: Candy Rall